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Anxiety and Panic

The Truth about Building Self-Confidence

What would you guess people are most stressed out about in their careers?
One might assume that hating your job, or dealing with the frustration of finding a new one, would top the list.
But according to the results of an annual survey that I send several thousand readers of my email newsletter, the most common problem people face is that they don’t feel confident.
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Anxiety and Panic

How Being Sleep Deprived Alters a Brain Connection That Causes Fear and Anxiety

Your co-worker sluggishly walks into the office and tells you they were up all night working on their client pitch. Do you marvel at their dedication and commitment, or do you shrug it off and think, "Yeah, I’ve had plenty of those nights"?

Odds are, your response would be the latter. After all, sleep is for the weak.

It is not uncommon for us to push our bodies to an unhealthy point in hopes of reaching our goals, whether it’s being a good parent and taking care of your newborn, or pulling an all-nighter to cram for the bar exam.
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Exercise & Fitness

6 Appetite Control Secrets from Neuroscience

The latest research in neuroscience offers a crash course in dieting "hacks" to control one's appetite and to decrease food intake. The methods conspire to use the mind to trick oneself into eating less.

1. Reduce Visual Complexity.

According to Rachel Herz, a guest on NPR's Innovation Hub, studies show that single-color jelly beans in a dish are consumed less in one sitting than mixed-color jelly beans. The reason: Mixed-color jelly beans are more visually complex, making them more appetizing to our visual taste receptors.
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Anxiety and Panic

Is the Anxious Mind Spreading FUD in Your Life?

In the cryptocurrency world, fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) is something investors don’t want to experience. When FUD spreads, the value of the coin will drop, and those who invested will be unsure of what to do and wonder when the pain will stop.

FUD is also something that people with anxiety don’t like to endure. They avoid and seek reassurance in order to be sure that FUD (fear, uncertainty, or doubt) is not part of their lives. Yet, they forget that FUD is part of the human condition. When we perceive danger, our survival built-in mechanism warns us, and fear sets in so we can escape or fight the danger. This is a good thing. Otherwise, our ancestors would not have made it, and we would not be here. Fear helps us stay alive!
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7 More Ways to Manage Depression Beyond Therapy and Medication

When Deborah Serani’s chronic depression symptoms worsen, color helps to lift the darkness. She finds all kinds of colors by taking a walk and focusing on birds, flowers and trees along the way. Painting and drawing also are pivotal. “The deeper the colors I see and touch, the better I feel.”

Therapy and sometimes medication are essential in treating depression. Serani credits psychotherapy with saving her life after a suicide attempt at 19. But other tools and techniques are important, too. “As with any chronic illness, it's vital to lead as full a life as possible,” she said. For Serani, color and art add to life’s fullness and richness.
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What Helps Depression Beyond Therapy and Medication

Therapy and sometimes medication are the foundation of depression treatment. Working with a mental health professional is paramount to recovering from depression.

But other strategies also are key.

“Most therapists will see you once a week, and medication can take some time to work,” said Catherine Sly, MBACP, a registered counsellor in working with individuals and couples who are struggling with depression, anxiety and relationship problems.
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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

“The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone”. - Karen Salmansohn
It’s only human to like to be comfortable. Snacking on comfort food on a comfortable couch having comfortable conversations with people we are comfortable with sounds like a great way to spend an evening. It is. We should all have lots of those comfortable times. They are peaceful. They are restful. They are soothing. But those are not the times that will help us grow.
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When the Rug Gets Yanked Out from Beneath You: An Interview with Joel Metzger

I have known Joel Metzger for perhaps 20 years and was told I needed to meet this resilient thriver and hear his story of rebirth following a traumatic event that forever changed his life.

When we wake up each morning, we generally don’t imagine that this day could be our last on the planet. We go about our business, interacting with family, friends and co-workers, "clocking in and clocking out" on the job, assuming that another 24 hours will be granted to us or that they will be predictable.
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How to Feel Normal Again

“The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force or effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal.” – Deepak Chopra

When I was a young girl, I often felt as if I was not normal. It wasn’t that I had a noticeable birth defect or considered myself ugly or stupid, though. My feelings likely stemmed more from a sense that I was too sensitive or fragile or in need of protection and couldn’t stand up for myself. I had an older brother who sometimes was tough on me, yet I loved him dearly. He was my protector against the bullies in the neighborhood. Still, I wondered why I didn’t feel normal. My quest to achieve what I considered to be normal took many years. Maybe some of these hard-learned tips can help others learn how to feel normal, or normal again.
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Alternative and Nutritional Supplements

4 Easy Steps to a Better Brain

Did you ever think that the ability for your brain to achieve its maximum superpowers resides well within you? Scientific research suggests that doing just these 4 simple things listed below will help not just preserve your brain power, but maximize it so you can feel like you are functioning well, maybe even at your very best, and feel energized no matter what your age and circumstance of life is.
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