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The New Scapegoat for Gun Violence: Mental Illness

Our President and others have latched onto the idea that mental illness -- not guns -- is to blame for the gun violence plaguing our country. Labeling mental illness as the cause of gun violence grossly oversimplifies a grossly complex problem. But we like tying things up neatly. We want to quickly and easily understand who’s to blame, so pointing a finger at the mentally ill makes that easy for us. 

This toxic, misplaced blame perpetuates the chronic discrimination we as a society still possess for the mentally ill, who represent a large population of Americans and who, with the same rare exception found in virtually every demographic category, occasionally behave in a violent manner. 
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Children and Teens

Tragedy, Crisis and Mental Health in America

Las Vegas startled me, Florida startled me and an incident in a city that I called home for close to a decade that caught the attention of national news startled me. I am not easily startled.

As a mental health practitioner, we are subjected to second hand trauma as our clients share their journeys filled with neglect, abuse, abandonment and internal struggles. Though I am continuously trained and educated on how to not only work with these clients but also take care of myself, it is no easy feat. It is my job and I treat it as such. Being in this field, however, does not pardon me from having my own life’s interruptions and tragedies. But tomorrow always comes.
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Empowering Our Girls: Being Part of the #MeToo Solution

Recently, a memory of an experience I had made me think about how we can empower our girls and young women in a culture that is wrought with many obstacles to do so. A number of years ago I saw a new male doctor for some medical issues I was experiencing. He was warm and friendly, but instead of putting me at ease, something didn’t feel right. In his brief exam (with my clothes on) he lingered in a way that gave me an uncomfortable gut feeling. He asked me questions about my sex life that seemed irrelevant to my issues. He sat unusually close to me and gave me a hug when I left, which no other doctor had ever done.
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Children and Teens

Preventing and Healing from School Violence Takes a Village

As our nation reels from the devastating event of the school shooting in Florida this week (number 18 in 2018, according to CNBC and other media outlets), it’s easy to point fingers and blame the gun industry for making the guns, law makers for what they are or aren’t doing to control gun access, the perpetrator for his mental health issues and his alleged obsession with guns and knives and death, the leadership of the school, the parents….the list goes on.  

But, as  
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A Mental Health Counselor’s Views on Speculations About President Trump’s Mental Health

Speculations about the mental health of U.S. presidents is not new and they have sometimes been justified. After he left office, it was learned that during the Watergate crisis Richard Nixon was depressed, drinking excessively and taking Valium, and talking to portraits of former presidents in the White House. President Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease after his second term, but it is assumed that he was afflicted with the progressive illness while he was still in office. All presidents have probably been called “crazy” in the colloquial sense by their political enemies. And some presidents have suffered from real mental illnesses, especially depression. For example, President Lincoln had a history of severe depression which was called melancholia in his era.
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What Does Trump’s MoCA Cognitive Test Really Tell Us?

President Trump recently underwent his annual physical checkup. At Trump's apparent insistence, the physician also administered a test of cognitive ability, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA).

Some are citing this test to demonstrate that Trump does not have a mental illness or any other personality disorder. However, what does this test really tell us about the president's mental health?

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Anxiety and Panic

How Fear Traps You into Being Someone You Are Not

The fear response is triggered when facing danger. The "danger" could be not measuring up to a desired or imposed standard, not getting done what you set out to do, not fulfilling expectations (your own or someone else's), being seen as less than perfect or failing at something. There is also the "danger" of not fitting in and being noticeably different from the norm. All these fears and anxieties stem from questioning your ability to cope with life’s challenges and people’s responses to your actions.

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Brain and Behavior

Gaming Disorder Now Real? Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Health News from Forbes

There's a problem when you're a big digital publisher and pretty much allow anyone to write under your masthead. If you don't carefully review and vet contributions from outside authors, people are going to write ridiculous things and make outrageous claims. Which, if allowed, will come back to haunt your reputation as a source of real, factual news.

Take, for instance,'s recent article about "Gaming Disorder," which makes the shocking claim that the World Health Organization has just endorsed this new mental health diagnosis.

The only problem with this claim? It's a lie, in my opinion.

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Ethics & Morality

Behave Yourself Before I Tell Your Mother: Sexual Harassment Then and Now

Oh, how I wished I could have faced down the gropers when I was a kid. I wish I could have said something. Anything. But way back then, silence was the order of the day. You didn’t tell. Not your mom. Not your friends. Nobody.

But that doesn’t mean you didn’t stew about it. Or obsess about what you’d want to do. My obsession, strangely enough, was not to have the courage to tell my mom, but to tell the groper’s mother. She would then lecture him, shame him, punish him for his behavior. At least, that was my fantasy. Reflecting on it, I realize that I was looking to turn the table on my tormentor. Let him be disgraced. Dishonored. Mortified. Let him feel what that’s like. Yeah!
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