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Improv Is My Therapy: Why You Need to Add Comedy to Your Day

Your mental health depends on it.

Every other Friday at 7 p.m. I set aside two hours to work through my thoughts. Every Sunday at four, I stop what I’m doing and actually express how I feel. Occasionally on a Saturday, I go out of my way just for the release.

If you didn’t know what I was talking about, you might just think this schedule carries the regularity of some pretty intense therapy. Because that’s exactly what it is, in the best of ways.
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How Do You Create Emotional Safety in Your Relationships?

One partner in a couple who have been married nearly four decades, reported that she felt controlled by her husband. When asked if it was always the case, she responded in the affirmative and when taken a step further, and asked why she married him, she shrugged her shoulders and sadly said, “Low self-esteem, I guess.”

She admitted that their interactions over the years only served to deepen the divide between them. At a loss to know how to resolve her dilemma, she was willing to do what she could to establish some semblance of control in an otherwise untenable situation by working on improved self-care that could reflect how she wanted to feel.
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Anxiety and Panic

Can’t Make That Decision?

You’re baffled. You don’t know what to do. You have an important choice to make, but you’re worried that you’ll regret your decision. It could be changing jobs, investing your money, committing to a new endeavor. You’re anxious realizing that if you make the wrong choice, you’ll have wasted time, money and energy that you may later regret.

Feeling so indecisive, you postpone making a choice. At least that way, you avoid making a big mistake -- until you realize what you haven’t done.
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Exercise & Fitness

Breaking Through Mediocrity: Are You Finally Fed Up with Being Fed Up?

We all have the power inside us to create more passionately, to love more deeply, to experience our everyday life more joyfully, and to reach our full potential. We just need to get to that point of being fed up with being fed up.

Most people say that pain is the great motivator for transformation, and that is true. The other great motivator that can catapult you from inertia to action and from stagnation to stupendous is the intolerance of your own mediocrity! Intolerance is a tap on the shoulder from your most magnificent self, trying to awaken you to your true potential.
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It’s Not the Wedding — It’s the Marriage!

Mia found wedding planning stressful. Her mother’s was obsessing over the invitations, flowers, color scheme, favors, hors d’oeuvres, guest list, and other details -- so much that it seemed like she was the one getting married.

Exasperated as her mother droned on about ice sculptures and chocolate fountains, Mia wished she had decided to elope. She finally blurted out: “It’s not the wedding, Mom! It’s the marriage.
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Children and Teens

6 Expert Tactics for Talking with Kids in Multiple Situations

Parents talk to their kids a lot. In a single day, they can issue a multitude of instructions, orders and requests as they converse with their children. Rarely do they stop to wonder if their kids understand what they are saying.

What most parents fail to realize is that their kids are constantly looking to them for cues on how to act and behave. The way you speak to your children shows how you want them to speak back to you and it greatly determines whether they’ll listen and respond to what you say.
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Brain and Behavior

Do You Know the Signs of Stress?

“Stress is an alarm clock that lets you know you’re attached to something that’s not true for you.” – Byron Katie

As a run up to the holidays, doesn’t it seem like everyone’s rushing around trying to cram too much into too little time? Crazed to find a parking space in an overcrowded lot, racing to get into the elevator before the door closes or hitting the door-close button so no one else can get in, exhibiting uncharitable, rude and potentially unhealthy behavior when trying to snatch the last sale item and so much more are all signs of stressed-out individuals.

Is it any wonder the commercials for antacids and headache pills proliferate this time of year? But what about really acknowledging you're stressed and doing something about it? Here are telltale signs to pay attention to:
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Upgrading Your Communication Skills

You have a choice every time you say something to someone. By your choice of words, your tone of voice and your body language, you nurture or weaken a relationship.

Now I know a few people who will take this as bad news. “Are you suggesting that I have to watch what I say to people -- even at home? I can’t just say what I think? You’ve got to be kidding.”

No, I’m not kidding. And I’m not suggesting that you need to be obsessive about monitoring your conversations. But, I’m still sticking to my point: how you communicate matters -- a lot. Let’s look at an example.
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