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Alternative and Nutritional Supplements

4 Easy Steps to a Better Brain

Did you ever think that the ability for your brain to achieve its maximum superpowers resides well within you? Scientific research suggests that doing just these 4 simple things listed below will help not just preserve your brain power, but maximize it so you can feel like you are functioning well, maybe even at your very best, and feel energized no matter what your age and circumstance of life is.
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Exercise & Fitness

6 Mistakes that Will Sink Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again: The beginning of a new year. All around you, people are talking about resolutions they will make to be healthier and happier. Sadly, most of those promises for self-improvement will quickly be a memory. Research shows that 80% of New Year’s resolutions are broken by the second week of February.

“But this year will be different”, you say to yourself. “This year, I really want to lose weight, stop smoking, take a class, jog every morning, whatever... This year I just know I’m committed to it.”
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A Different Take on New Year’s Resolutions

We tend to set resolutions that punish us for the things we did the previous year. For instance, because we supposedly ate too much or gained weight over the holidays, we decide we’re going on a diet, we’re cutting out sugar, and we’re eating “clean.” We decide we’re going to lose 15 pounds by some arbitrary date. Or we decide to work out five days a week—no exceptions, rain or shine or sickness. Or we decide we're going to hustle and work 70 hours a week because we took too many breaks.
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Exercise & Fitness

Breaking Through Mediocrity: Are You Finally Fed Up with Being Fed Up?

We all have the power inside us to create more passionately, to love more deeply, to experience our everyday life more joyfully, and to reach our full potential. We just need to get to that point of being fed up with being fed up.

Most people say that pain is the great motivator for transformation, and that is true. The other great motivator that can catapult you from inertia to action and from stagnation to stupendous is the intolerance of your own mediocrity! Intolerance is a tap on the shoulder from your most magnificent self, trying to awaken you to your true potential.
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Exercise & Fitness

The Power of Sleep: 5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Patterns for Lasting Mental Health

A full night's rest is rare these days and when it comes to your mental and emotional health it is critical. Research shows that we can be more irritable and easily frustrated with lack of sleep. We may have a short-temper and perceive our experiences with increased fear and worry. We may also suffer cognitive deficits and memory problems. We suffer and our relationships suffer too.

To help you get more restorative sleep, review these great tips that will help you transition your way into an energizing morning. You may not even need that second cup of coffee!
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Psychology Around the Net: June 17, 2017

Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

My intention for this week's Psychology Around the Net wasn't to get straight to the point; rather, I had a story I wanted to share. However, given the topic of several of this week's stories (you'll see), I've decided to keep it short and sweet and turn off this computer as soon as I can and head out for a white water rafting trip I've been both anxious and excited about all week. I've never been white water rafting, so wish me luck!

This week's edition of Psychology Around the Net gets you up to speed on restaurants that are eliminating WiFi for social interaction purposes, how we can tap into more of our brains' potential, the potential connection between sleep apnea and treatment-resistant depression, and more.

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