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How Do We Assure the Children?

If polled, most parents would say it was their primary job to protect their children from harm. “Look both ways before you cross the street.” “Don’t touch a hot stove.” “Don’t go off with a stranger.” These are common instructions offered from adults to young ones.

Responsible parents keep a watchful eye on those in their care. Until the past decade or so, that was sufficient. In recent years, a feeling of helplessness has overcome some. Sending your child to school in the morning didn’t fit into the worry category. In the wake of the most
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Children and Teens

Perfectionism Among College Students Grows

For many of us, perfectionism is often confused with the genuine drive and desire to obtain excellence. What perfectionism actually is, however, is the quest for the unobtainable.

In this post on perfectionism, Dr. Michael Ashworth explains:

Individuals caught up in perfectionistic thinking or behavior commonly experience significant personal distress as well as chronic health and emotional problems. Such individuals can also provoke extremely negative reactions from others due to their unrealistically high standards and quest to avoid failure and rejection…
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4 Ways to Fight Back When Family Questions Your Career Choices

With the holidays around the corner, dinner table conversations about work are bound to come up.

It’s common to feel anxiety at the thought of explaining what you do for a living to a skeptical audience, especially when your job title can’t be summed up simply or straightforwardly.

Don’t panic yet.

It may seem difficult to get Aunt Sue to understand what the heck a Digital Strategist is or to convince Dad that you’re able to support yourself
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Doing Poorly at School? Failure Isn’t the End of the Road

For most of us, we’ve been told to get good grades and we’ll be successful in life. As a result, we become stressed when exams roll around. For some of us, we have failed exams and maybe even courses. Does failure at school mean we will also fail in life?

As someone currently in university, I feel the pressure of doing well. By well, I mean passing my remaining courses so I can graduate with the credits I need. Some people might think this is rather low standards but, for me, getting through all the courses will be a sense of accomplishment given what I experienced so far in life.
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Anxiety and Panic

Uncertainty Is Your Friend

It seemed so recent when I was 18 and uncertain what I wanted to do with my life. There were so many options available to me due to the decent grades I had in high school. My parents wanted me to go to university to get a degree that promised a good career. After some thoughts, I chose this route and was unprepared for what awaited me.

To put things simply, my plans for university didn’t go the way I wanted. My grades plummeted and I failed courses. My future was filled with plenty of uncertainty as I was unsure if I could get a job in the field after graduation. The fear of the uncertainty was probably a key factor for the anxiety and depression I faced.
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Anxiety and Panic

Suicide: Standing at a Crossroad

What does a 25-year-old male normally think about?

In an ideal world, he gets the degree of his choice and works at a company filled with many opportunities and challenges. Maybe he gets married and considers having kids with his spouse in the foreseeable future. The only thing on his mind is how he can get further ahead in life so he and his family get the best life possible.
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Want to Die? Call 911 & Hold a Closed Multi-Purpose Tool

You would think that university police would have such great mental health training -- given that they are dealing with a population of young adults exploring limits, learning about themselves, and one of the groups at the greatest risk for a first-episode incident of mental illness.

Apparently not at Georgia Tech. This is a school where I would never send my child, given the most recent incident of a person with mental illness being killed -- rather than being counseled -- in mid-September. One second of poor judgment on an officer's part, and suddenly an entire life is snuffed out. Not because a criminal was threatening anyone (other than himself) with harm. But simply because the man -- Scout Schultz -- had a mental illness.

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Anxiety and Panic

Driftin’ Away

“Well, when I graduated from college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. So what do most reasonably smart, analytical types do after college? They go to law school,” I wryly chuckled to my counselor. “It is a three-year holding pattern for the chronically undecided. It is the new open studies major.”

Unlike some friends (“I knew I wanted to be a pediatric doctor at age four,” a long-time confidante once told me), I drifted into my profession. There was no sense of calling -- unless you count my father’s hysterical phone calls about turning down a prestigious law school. Truthfully, law school was more of a fallback than bubbling “C” on those deceptively difficulty Iowa Test of Basic Skills multiple choice tests.
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