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Can Introverts Become Leaders?

Can Introverts Become Leaders?The ugly truth of life is that extroverts rule this world.

Does it mean that introverts can’t become great leaders?

The answer to this question is simple: No, it does not!

Introverts have been often misunderstood. They always had to apologize for being unsociable. Their quietness and inactivity at social events makes others uncomfortable. But good leaders are not necessary loud and socially active people. Einstein and Gandhi both were introverts but still great leaders.

Introverts have all the skills a great leader needs:

  • They are calm. (This skill is important to have and demonstrate when it comes to conflict situations.)
  • They always listen carefully to others. (A good leader will always listen to his or her team.)
  • They can analyze. (This skill is important to have for decision-making.)

Introverts should not be shy to demonstrate their nature. If they allow people to see their strong sides, they may easily beat extroverts in the competition for the best leader.

But how can they do that? Here are some tricks:


For introverts, it is always easier to write down their thoughts and ideas than to express them aloud. It does not mean that introverts do not have any good ideas to share with colleagues; they just need to use all the writing tips they know and put all their ideas down on paper. It will be much easier to speak these thoughts and ideas to the audience afterward.

Plus, introverted people can always think of possible questions their audience may have after listening to their speech and write down the answers in advance. It will help to overcome the fear of public speaking.


Introverts have the ability to listen carefully before speaking. Such a skill may be very helpful when it comes to a business environment, where every good leader should be able to listen and analyze everything at first, and make decisions and give answers only afterward.

Clients, colleagues, and investors will appreciate this skill, and it will increase an introvert’s chances of becoming a leader everyone likes, respects, and listens to.

Say goodbye to a comfort zone.

It’s a fact that introverts do not like working with other people. It is always much more comfortable for them to do a job alone, but it’s clear that such a position will never bring an introvert to leadership.

Each of us has his or her own comfort zone, and it is always difficult to leave it. But if an introvert wants to be a great leader, he should get out of his comfort zone sometimes: discuss ideas, take part in conversations or new projects where teamwork is needed.

It does not mean that introverts should leave their comfort zones forever. Even a good leader needs some rest and alone time sometimes. Take 20-30 minutes a day of solitude to think about everything and come up with new ideas.


Introverts are able to concentrate and deal with difficult situations when other people panic. This is a great chance to lead everyone when they are lost and do not know what to do.

While they may find it uncomfortable at first to show their strengths, introverts definitely can become great leaders.

Can Introverts Become Leaders?

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