When life hands you a difficult situation, the last thing you may think you should do is lean into it – but this may actually turn out to be the best thing you ever did.

If you struggle with frustrating family members or impossible co-workers on a regular basis, over time, the experience can leave you drained and on the verge of calling it quits; it can even transform you into a difficult person yourself. I’ve had many opportunities to work with difficult people, and it’s tempting to want to leave because being around them is so unpleasant. But what if you can’t walk away?

There’s another option: yes, you can gripe about it – but you can also chose to change your attitude. I’ve had supervisors so mean and difficult to work for that I ended up crying every day. Because I didn’t just quit, but continued to work there with compassion and kindness, some of those employers eventually became friends. They taught me the importance of depersonalizing difficult situations, acting mindfully and staying true to myself. I learned valuable lessons from the experience.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, instead of shutting down, try approaching the people involved with compassion. Although it may be tempting to react with anger rather than kindness, it will suit you to approach these situations with a more open heart.

Whether it’s a bad boss, negative thoughts, bullying, an affair, or even a difficult yoga pose, the following posts demonstrate the importance of practicing acceptance, compassion, and mindfulness in all situations. 

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Say, “Ohm….” Yoga as a Means to Prevent Bullying
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