Rejection: it’s something none of us likes to deal with. It can be as benign as someone disliking your work, but as upsetting as someone disliking you as a person (and often, we equate the two.) Rejection hurts in its own right, while also carrying the weight of every past hurt we’ve ever experienced – from heartbreak in a relationship to a recent job loss. And it’s difficult to forget. That’s because at the heart of all rejection is the fear of being unloved.

I once had a crush on a boy. A “friend” confessed how I felt to him while I was standing there. What did the boy do? He responded with a swift kick in the shins. Sure we were only kids and it was nearly thirty years ago. Yet, I can still feel the flush of red on my cheeks and the throbbing pain on my shins. Oh, and the humiliation? That’s what hurt most. How many of us carry around similar stories that reawaken when someone new rejects us?

Rejection isn’t easy, and it’s an inevitable part of life. We can crumble in its presence or find ways to cope. This week, our bloggers are sharing what helped them deal with rejection and stress, how they found happiness, and even the best ways to exercise with their pets. No matter what you’re going through right, you’re definitely not alone – and hopefully these posts will help you realize that. What are some ways you’ve learned to successfully cope with rejection in your own life?

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