When things are going good in our lives, we suddenly have amnesia. We forget the battles we won, the hardships we faced and the pain we endured. Yet, there are occasions like yesterday’s National Depression Screening Day or Mental Illness Awareness Week that help to remind us to not forget.

More importantly, it reiterates the importance of helping those who are in their own struggles right now. The top posts this week deal with issues that you or someone you know may be dealing with right now. As we end the week, I hope you’ll read these posts, share it with those you care about, take the tips you’ve learned and pay it forward.

As always, I wish you a happy and healthy weekend! Enjoy.

Body Image & Self-Esteem: Barb Steinberg On Empowering Your Daughters, Part 2

(Weightless) – In part 2 of interview with clinical social worker and coach Barb Steinberg, Steinberg goes deeper into body image issues and teens. She gives advice for parents and provides information on empowering and teaching young girls how to bring more happiness to their every day lives.

Improve Your Marriage – Mimicking Speaking Style

(Family Mental Health) – Want to improve your marriage? Read this. It’s all about getting in tune with your partner’s communication style.

Coping with Cyberbullying – The Use of Technology to Terrify

(Healing Together for Couples) – You keep hearing about it, but what is cyberbullying? This posts defines this destructive and often lethal bullying and gives you tips on what to do in response to it.

Gaining Personal Courage from This Lousy Economy

(Always Learning) – Is this a good time to take risks? Always Learning’s Leigh Cousins, weighs in and discusses her own personal perspective on taking the leap during a lousy economy.

How to Survive the Stress of Fall and Winter Holidays

(Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood) – Some love fall and winter, others loathe it. For those in the latter category, here are some tips on how to use DBT to manage the upcoming holiday season.