We start off shamelessly being ourselves. A toddler or child, for example, seldom worries about how they appear to others. Kids are pure, honest and true. They cry when hurt, point their finger at a neighbor, and tell you that you’re old, not out of spite, to make you embarrassed or to intentionally hurt you, but because they don’t know how to be anything except who they are. It’s what makes us adore children. They are authentic beings in little bodies.

In The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things, author Larry Dossey, M.D., says:

“Before puberty, girls and boys cry the same amount, but by age 18 women cry considerably more.”

We lose something valuable when we get older. We relinquish our right to be who we are in an effort to be socially acceptable to others. Some of this is necessary in order to function in society. Being polite, knowing how to manage our emotions and communicate with others are all vital factors in maturing and growing up. But when we neglect who we are out of fear of being rejected, we do a disservice to others and to ourselves. Why do boys suddenly cry less than girls? They fear the negative feedback they’ll get. Why do we wake up one day not knowing who we are? We believe that to be successful and loved we must be a people-pleaser.

Instead of living your life for others, allow this week’s post to motivate you to become a happier, more authentic you. Whether it’s learning how to relax into your own creativity, to accomplish your goals, to be the best you can be, or support your boys on how they can do the same, this week will give you the tools necessary to return you and your loved ones to a more authentic way of living.

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