Where did October go? Wasn’t I just writing about mourning summer’s end a mere days ago?

Yes the seasons are flying by as fast as the leaves flurry in a hurry past my window. There are some who are excited about the first snowfall and others who want to hide out until the last Christmas song plays on the radio. Yet, regardless of our reactions to it, the holidays are coming. Knowing this, how will you prepare for the obligatory family get-together, celebrations and the craziness that often accompanies the winter season?

I think there is no time like the present to start planning. Create a self-care tool kit made up of candles, CDs, books, a blanket, a framed photo of the ones you love most. Bring it with you if the holidays take you far from the safety and comfort of your home. Plan to schedule time for yourself. Or take the advice of our Facebook friends and incorporate yoga, volunteering, and breathing exercises to keep the holiday stress at bay.

Another great tip?

Bookmark your favorite Psych Central articles and catch up on them between activities. This week a lot of our posts deal with family and mental illness. Read them now and return to them again later when you need it most. Have a great weekend!

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(Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood) – Unfortunately the legacy often left by those with mental illness is a child who holds the burden of healing from it. In this post, author Kathy Ewing talks about the impact having a mother with borderline personality disorder had on her life.

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