Most people run from hardship. It’s why the news can be so addicting. We all want to know what not to do to prevent the latest newsworthy predicament from happening to us. In fact, it’s normal to want to avoid pain and suffering. It’s inviting them in that often indicates a problem.

Why then do people sing words of gratitude after coping from diagnosis hell, natural disasters and unimaginable trauma?

Human beings are made to be resilient. It’s during difficult moments when we are given the opportunity to not just rise to the occasion, but learn something profound about ourselves. We may discover, for example, that we are a lot stronger and courageous than we originally thought. We may even find our true purpose and meaning in life.

As you’ll see below, those who suffered and survived from depression or natural disaster, often return back to the living with a fresh appreciation for every day moments. The cherry on top is the gift of compassion we’re granted for ourselves and others.

While no one will ever welcome pain and suffering, it does give us hope that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. Finding meaning behind challenges can get us through difficult situations. If there were no hardships, there would not be compassion. And although you wouldn’t wish a hurricane, ADHD or depression on someone you love, perhaps there is a silver lining. Maybe all it takes is a slight shift in perspective.

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