A few days ago, my mind was in a state of chaos and flurry. It was like a hurricane mounting with a tiny worry catapulting into a real sense of urgency. But a few minutes into it, I had a mini Jill Bolte Taylor moment (if you haven’t read My Stroke of Insight or heard about how having a stroke changed her life, this TED video will get you up to speed). I realized that the state of emergency my mind had concocted was simply a false story.

My small issue with planning the holidays turned into a huge crisis when I started obsessing about who would be hurt if I opted out of our annual family visit this year. My brain didn’t differentiate between insignificant concern and that which was life threatening. And my body responded by reacting the same way it would have if I had been chased by a lion.

As quick as it had come, however, the immediacy vanished. When I realized how unnecessarily dramatic I was being, my worries quickly diminished. When I returned back to the present moment and was reminded that I was safe, my heartbeat slowed and I stopped panicking. I remember what Dr. Taylor said about our brain. Sometimes we allow that tiny pea in our mind to control our whole lives. I decided to take back control by choosing to be present.

This week we’re also offering you a choice from deciding whether to give up caffeine to being more positive in the workplace to regaining control of your mind during torrential times. Hope you enjoy them and have a great week!

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