There are a handful of moments I replay in my head: being 10 years old and feeling bullied by classmates and reacting by hitting one of them, the times I’ve spent trying to numb pain or impatience by playing on my iPhone, the sorrow and despair I’ve felt when feeling like a failure, powerless or not being heard.

In all of these incidences, I wish I could pause time. I wish I could hug that 10-year-old that felt scared and that 30-something year old that felt powerless, afraid, and anxious.

Because in every scenario, I did not pause, take a deep breath and choose wisely. I reacted instead. I reacted out of fear and I gave away the opportunity to do something different.

Our posts this week all offer you a chance to change the way you approach what’s not working in your life. Instead of continuing to react the way you have been, you will get a fresh new perspective, an alternative way of perceiving an old and persistent problem. Time cannot be stopped nor paused, but in knowing a better way, you can learn from your past, alter your present and in doing so, have a more hopeful future.

*The last two mental health heroes are from our own team. Find out who they are here and here.

Personality Differences Matter
(Attachment Matters) – Interested in finding out how your child’s personality can make a difference in effective parenting, conflict resolution and positive discipline techniques? This post packs a punch, identifying helpful techniques to address all of them.

Learning How to Fail
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – Did you know there is a right way to fail? If you’re feeling discouraged about a recent failure, you need to read this.

New Study About the Psychology of Bullying
(Beating the Bully) – If you think bullies are young people with low self-esteem, this post will surprise you. A new study reveals who bullies are and what adults need to do to deal with them.

Forgetting Your Phone And Remembering Your Life
(The Therapist Within) – Forgetting your cell phone could appear to be a hassle. But Gabrielle offers a different perspective. Instead of being with your phone at the doctor’s office, waiting in line at the grocery store or at dinner, why not put down your phone and just be for a moment?

How We Underestimate Our Own Power
(The Gentle Self) – Fighting with a loved one may seem like an act of power, but it’s often in our weakness and vulnerability that we lash out. Learn how to stop the arguing before it starts and discover a more effective way to get your needs met.