Negative emotions are extremely difficult for me. I’m a very glass-half-full type of girl, and whenever I come across anger, shame or deep sadness (my own or someone else’s), I can feel my body tighten and my mind race into panic mode. Being in pain, or seeing other people in pain, is one of the hardest things for me to witness, even with years of meditation and self-soothing practices.

While I may be more sensitive than a lot of people (thanks to PsychCentral’s ample literature on Emotionally Sensitive individuals, I’m quite certain that’s exactly who I am), no one with a working heart likes to see or feel the raw, aching sensation of shame or the rough, cutting sting of grief. Get this outta my face! We think, our first reaction to push it as far away as possible from our consciousness. But actually, pushing negative emotions away is one of the worst things we can do for our healing process.

Our most popular blogs from the last few days take a long, hard look at the less-than-exquisite emotional weather we all must face at some point in our lives, and offer coping strategies to sail through them to calmer waters.

A Shameless Recovery: Transforming Regret into a Learning Opportunity
(Addiction Recovery) ~ Many recovering addicts feel a deep sense of shame and regret for the things they may have done under the influence, but these two things can often hamper their healing process. Focusing on the positives (and there are positives!) will take those in recovery much farther than letting their shame dictate their next steps.

Borderline Personality Disorder – Accepting Criticism Mindfully
(Therapy Unplugged) ~ Criticism can be hard for anyone to take, but for someone with BPD, it can be excruciating. As must read for anyone who loves or interacts with someone who has BPD.

Hypnosis – A Mindful Way to Form a Working and Healing Relationship With Your Self
(Neuroscience & Relationships) ~ A lot of people misunderstand this powerful tool to reteach your brain important coping skills. It’s not magic, it’s not slight of hand – it’s a real way to connect with your “authentic self.”

How Emotionally Sensitive People are Similar to Fighter Pilots
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) ~ Focus is a great thing – but not when it’s at the expense of other coping skills. Emotionally Sensitive people often feel frozen by intense emotions, but there are ways to climb out of that numb place and feel our way through change.

Mental Health and the Battle with Medication
(To The Edge and Back) ~ For people with mental health issues, medication can literally save their life. But when it’s improperly prescribed, it can create a nightmarish reality. Read one blogger’s harrowing journey with medication and how he finally found himself the right dose.