How many of us would like to have complete control over our emotions?

What if there were specific buttons we could push; buttons to keep our anger from getting too intense, to stop our tears at an appropriate time, or to dampen grief on our own schedule? We would never spiral out, our bodies would never be too taxed and we could let go of things like guilt and shame easily.

Man, it would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Of course, I don’t need to come right out and tell you that life doesn’t work that way. Your emotional scars and mental wounds are enough proof. We’ve all gone over the edge once or twice, said things we didn’t mean or suffered from difficulties we did nothing to deserve. And perhaps most frustratingly of all, our physical bodies have been affected by these emotional overflows; leading to pain that lasts much longer than the outburst that caused it.

Our most popular blogs of the last few days highlight just how big of a part our emotions play in our overall health and happiness, with some keen insights into how we can stay content and healthy (hint: learning to listen to the tiny shifts in our bodies is incredibly important).

The Agony of Being Emotionally Overwhelmed
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) ~ Whether you consider yourself a highly sensitive individual or not, I think we all know what it’s like to feel completely overwhelmed by sequential events. Karyn Hall points out the warning signs of an impending emotional outburst, and provides insight into how we can self-soothe during these turbulent experiences.

Can People Really Be Happy? Maybe
(Healing Together For Couples) ~ Blogger Suzanne Phillips explains why she believes happiness is attainable for all of us, and how we can increase our personal sense of enjoyment.

The Art of Listening To Your Body
(Weightless) ~ Listening to what our bodies can and cannot do is a skill that requires practice and careful, quiet thought. The better we are at this activity, the healthier we will be, and the more emotionally centered we will feel.

Whole-Body Strategies For Autism With Dr. Martha Herbert
(Therapy Soup) ~ Renowned Autism expert Dr. Martha Herbert’s new book, “The Autism Revolution,” looks at Autism as an issue that effects, and can be effected by, a person’s entire health. She details how big of a role diet plays in the disease, and also writes on how understanding the way the world looks and sounds to someone with Autism can help loved ones communicate with them better.

Overcoming Shame: It Wasn’t Your Fault
(Sorting Out Your Life) ~ Shame can be one of life’s stickiest feelings; it can hang on us for years. Blogger Jenise Harmon describes what exactly shame is, and why it’s okay for us to let it go.