Lately, I’ve been into radical self-care. Some days this means lying in bed. Other days it means walking barefoot in the grass. Rest is not easy for me. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is active and engaged, and I am but an observer.

Reflecting on the months I’ve spent doing less, however, I realized I’ve gained much more than I lost. I’ve gained a truer sense of what it means to live. I once thought that accomplishing was the only path towards a meaningful life. But I now know that being present in ordinary moments are richer ways to interact with the world. Through conscious awareness, I’m actually much more involved than I was when I was rushing around getting things done.

If you’re also desiring a slower paced life, you’ll be thrilled with this week’s posts. From learning about psychoanalysis and your relationships to using creativity to deal with stress, these mini lessons will help you breathe a little deeper and grow closer to a more meaningful life.

Infidelity and “Gaslighting:” When Cheaters Flip the Script
(Sex & Intimacy in the Digital Age) – Is your partner cheating or are you being paranoid? This may surprise you.

Unhappy? Can’t Leave? 3 Reasons Why
(Knotted) – There’s an evolutionary reason why we stay in relationships when we know we should leave. Read this and you’ll understand what keeps you stuck.

Using Creativity to Cope with Stress
(Make a Mess: Everyday Creativity) – Feeling stressed? Invite creativity and play to help you rest and reconnect.

Practical Psychoanalysis: A Year in Review
(Practical Psychoanalysis) – Here it is. Everything you wanted to know about psychoanalysis is highlighted in this post.

How Addiction Impacts the Family: 6 Family Roles in a Dysfunctional or Alcoholic Family
(Happily Imperfect) – Were you the hero or the caretaker? Find the role you played to cope with your dysfunctional family.