A lot of suffering comes from things we don’t have control over. It’s all that worrying about the state of our health, our normalcy, our lack. Spend a minute listening to your thoughts and you might even hear it. How many times have I caught myself worrying about the weather, or whether I offended a friend, or over the potential of negative outcomes (bad health/career/relationship)? Too many.

You can get sucked into the things you will never be able to control or you can stop that tape, focus on what you can control and get on with your life.

This week you’ll read about the heroes who have not only accepted what feels unacceptable, but have inspired others by letting it positively change their lives. You will also learn the role diet and nutrition play on your mental health, navigate relationships when you have ADHD and have a more meaningful life by being true to yourself.

Yes, life can feel unmanageable. But focusing on what you can control instead of what you can’t will successfully transform you from the victim to the victor. Not only that but it will almost always empower you, change your life for the better, and imbue it with possibility and hope.

Mental Health Hero: Julie Fast
(Mental Health Humor) – A world-leading mental health expert, a bestselling author, an award-winning mental health columnist, a national speaker, a coach and sought after media source on the topic of mental health. Who is she? Chato B.’s next mental health hero.

Diet And Schizophrenia: The Link Is More Important Than You Think
(Therapy Soup) – What’s the relationship between what you eat and who you are? More than you think. Find out what the latest studies are saying about the connection between diet and mental illness.

A Tribute to the Leadership Responsibility of Mother’s Everywhere
(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – This sheds light on the woman who had the most positive influence on you. If you are a mother or have a mother type figure in your life, you will reap a lot of joy and gratitude from reading this belated Mother’s Day post.

Healing Damaged Self-Esteem
(The Gentle Self) – This may come as a surprise to you, but the best thing you could do for anyone including yourself is to be honest. Learn why you need to shake off that phony act and focus on being true to yourself.

Did You Miss It? Podcast of ADHD, Anger and Marriage
(ADHD from A to Zoë) – Did you know Psych Central had its first webinar on ADHD, Anger, and Marriage recently? If you missed it, you won’t want to miss this post with a replay of the event.