This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Regardless if it’s a holiday spent celebrating with mom or just an ordinary day, I’d encourage you to think of it as a day to mother yourself.

The increased heat that comes when spring changes seasons can bring up a lot of emotions. Summer can be the beginning of a fresh new start. But it can also be a reminder of the New Year’s goals we didn’t achieve yet, the habits we’re still dealing with and the weight we can’t seem to lose.

It can provoke a sense of desperation. How many times do we have to keep coming around this same circle of problems? Maybe it’s addiction or a reoccurring theme of weight gain or depression associated with bipolar disorder or anxiety from dealing with OCD. Whatever you’re plagued with, the key is to not beat yourself up about it. Be the mother that you’ve always needed. This week’s most popular posts offer compassion, hope and explanations on why you deserve those things.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Weight Management: Strengths and Mindfulness are Missing Pieces to the Puzzle
(Character Strengths) – Summer’s just around the corner. If the extra heat is making you anxious about losing weight, forgo the temptation to rely on external resources. Here’s how depending on your character strengths and mindfulness can help.

It’s Not What You Have But How You See it: How to Live With Contentment
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Why are Habits So Hard to Break? Dr. Nora Volkow Has the Answer
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – If you’re dealing with addiction (food, drugs, alcohol, etc.), read this and you’ll find out why it’s so difficult for your body to say, “No” to substances sabotaging your health.

Are Anxiety and OCD the Same Thing?
(Anxiety & OCD Exposed) – What exactly is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and how do you know if you or someone you love has it? This post provides a detailed description of OCD.

The Avengers – Dr. Banner’s Wisdom About Bipolar
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