There are many ways holding on can have a deleterious effect on our lives. We may cling to an old letter, a gift, relationship or even a belief unaware of the energy it takes to hold on. When we grasp too tightly, we have no room for anything else.

Imagine if money, love, opportunity fell from the sky and you were ready to catch them all. But suddenly you realized your old ways of thinking, your addictions, your false beliefs were literally a handful. And because you weren’t willing to let go of the old stuff, the stuff that wasn’t serving you anymore, you could not pursue what you really wanted. This is the reality for many of us who suffer from holding onto bad habits, negativity thinking, and unhealthy beliefs.

Sometimes it takes hearing the stories of others who risked letting go of their own demons in order for us to do the same. After reading Mental Health Humor blogger Chato’s weight-loss journey, you may find your own strength to work on your health. Or you may find the energy and motivation you need to release old, unhelpful beliefs that aren’t serving you in the areas of happiness, health and positive thinking. With insight and knowledge, anything is possible. May these posts bring you hope and inspiration this week.

Weight-Loss: Is It The “Pandora’s Box” Of Mental Health?
(Mental Health Humor) – Many believe that if they lost weight they would finally be happy. In a journey to get physically healthy, however, this blogger realized that dealing with one issue only open the door to another. Find out how he’s doing with battling both his waistline and his mental health issues.

Ten Ways to Support Someone With An Eating Disorder
(Partners in Wellness) – It’s difficult dealing with an eating disorder. It’s sometimes even harder to be the partner of someone suffering from it. If you’re in the latter category and feel helpless and clueless on how you can help, read this.

The Mental Workout: 100 Seconds to Greater Health, Happiness and Success
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Just as we work on our biceps and abs, it’s important to spend time working out our mind. Learn how to give yourself a mental workout here.

A Recipe for Positive Thinking and Greater Well-being
(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – What can thinking positively really do for us and can it truly be a recipe for greater well-being? This post lays out three key areas that make up positive thinking.

Equine Therapy: Learning Empathy from a Horse
(Equine Therapy) – If you’re working on having more empathy for others, you may want to consider learning it from a horse. Here’s why animals and horses in particular, are great teachers of empathy.