Yes we’re imperfect beings that come with baggage. But we’d rather that you focus on our LV’s (Louis Vuitton) than the truth.

Sound familiar?

No matter how we try to hide it, the thing we’re most ashamed of, the lies and myths that we’ve told ourselves over the years will come back. In fact, they’ll probably come back and bite us in the ass.

What are these secrets? And how do these repressed selves impact our lives?

They rip away possibility. They tell you that you can’t be an artist and make a living. They convince you that your unworthy because your thighs are too big or you’re not creative enough. They are the negative thoughts that beat you up, that scold you when you misplace things, that tell you all recovering addicts are unemployable and that you’ll never be successful or happy.

But the only way to get rid of these untruths is to acknowledge they exist. To say, “Yes I am flawed. And I love myself anyway.” It’s about learning to be curious about our so-called weaknesses and to continually question what we deem to be truths. Is creativity, for example, something gifted to all, not just granted to the geniuses among us?

Most importantly, we must learn that all people (whether or not we’re a size 0, carry lots of baggage, are recovering from an addiction or are creative or not) make mistakes and are all deserving of love, second chances and acceptance.

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