Life is such an interesting mix of push and pull. There are some things, for example, that require us to go beyond our comfort zone less we become too complacent in life. At the same time, there are things that can’t be forced, like our moods, relationships, and even our happiness.

It reminds me of the ocean. As a child, I watched as the water seemed to flow with the current and against it in order to make those great big waves that peaked at its crest and fell back onto the sand.

To stay afloat in the world and current of the times, we may need to take note from the ocean and find our own balance. This may mean trying social media as a new way to increase our support system. It may also mean discovering new ways to be happy or confronting a loved one who may be depressed.

Obviously, life is not easy. And venturing outside what’s familiar and embracing, not resisting change, takes a considerable amount of courage and the ability to manage discomfort, fear and the unknown. We’re not meant to be static creatures. We’ve been falling down and picking ourselves up since we were children. Like the ocean, we must move with the flow of change while resisting the things that are just not working in our lives. 

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