Although there’s a part of me that’s impatient, that feels like my body is always two steps behind my mind, there is another part of me that rarely gets any attention. It’s the side our culture may deem lazy or define as being a dreamer. It’s the me that used to get in trouble in graduate school for always being late for class because I was literally smelling the roses. Or the person who’d rather take time hiking to witness every flower, twig and tree in my path.

It’s contrary to what we’re brought up to believe. At least in my household, if you weren’t moving you weren’t living. But as I’ve learned, standing still doesn’t mean your dead. Taking time to explore life instead of just read about it, is important. It’s what makes us human.

I’ve worked with a lot of smart, successful people in my day. And while I admired each one of them, it always pained me to see how their ambition overshadowed and took priority over simply living life. I vowed that no matter what happened in my own life, I would always take time to smell the roses.

Our posts this week will wake you up to how you may be letting your life pass you by. Will you, for example, continue to do too much, bypass the extraordinary in ordinary moments and avoid activities simply out of fear? It may inspire change or at the very least help you to become cognizant of how you’re living your life.

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