As we get older, it’s easier to succumb to disappointment and negativity. What was once a minor upset, becomes intolerable. When dreams get overlooked, abandoned and replaced with a sense of hopelessness everything becomes a big blow. It’s our scoop of ice-cream that fell off the cone before we took the first bite all over again, but times a hundred.

We often don’t realize that there is no way to avoid disappointment and failure. We can attempt to escape it temporarily by isolating ourselves or by denying our expectations of happiness. But all that does is increase our pain when an unexpected bout of disappointment shows itself. And it will. That’s hardly living, but living in fear of our next failure.

The trick to growing older with ease is to strengthen our emotional muscles. And remember that we survived through worse before and will again. This week you’ll discover new ways to be happy and help those you love seek the help they need. Truthfully, the only way to deal with disappointment is to actually deal with them. Being alive means we will always encounter disappointments, but confronting, not avoiding them is our best shot at truly living our lives. Once we’ve garnered the courage to overcome these obstacles, we’ll learn to stop crying over spilled ice-cream so we can get up faster and move on.

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