How many of you define yourself by external labels?

You’re the sensitive one, the worry wart, the lawyer, the teacher, the demanding sister, the troubled brother. In your attempt to discover who you are, you may stumble upon an identity created by other people and in doing so, lose your sense of self.

It’s much easier to grasp onto a pre-made labels than to work on discovering your own. It’s devilishly difficult to release those preconceived judgments and venture into the unknown. Yet, living a life constrained by a two-dimensional list of who you are doesn’t do your multidimensional life justice. You are more than your job/marital status. You are more than where you live, your relationships, or your history. You are not your illness or your disease. In fact, you are more than any label ever bestowed upon you.

This week’s posts remind us about the importance of looking past these labels to redefine ourselves. It’s not only about discovering who you are, but finding a way to accept yourself, knowing your weaknesses and using that knowledge to navigate your way through life.

As you’ll read below, understanding what tools you need to thrive will lead to greater happiness. If you can have patience in the unknown and learn to find ways to love yourself, you will be able to reject the limiting roles and rigid labels that don’t do a good job of summing you up whole.

Mindfulness: An Antidote for Avoidance
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – Emotionally sensitive people grapple with fear of discomfort, fear of being out of control, and fear of negative emotions. This post shows how mindfulness can help you relieve negative emotions so you can truly live your life.

How To Rest And Recharge: Bringing Balance To Your Life And Work
(The Therapist Within) – In your mission to heal, have you added rest on your list? Is your goal to live happier, be more successful, and have a more meaningful life, did you take into account the importance of doing nothing, but simply being? Read this and rediscover real joy, and the remedy for a busy, burnout life.

5 Reasons Your Teen Might Start Using Drugs – And How To Stop Them
(Addiction Recovery) – In search for their identity, adolescence depend primarily on their peers. This can make them vulnerable to drug and alcohol use. Here are a five things that make your teen(s) susceptible and what you can do about it.

Why Wishing to Be Happier Can Be a Road to Unhappiness
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – If you really want to be happy, don’t wish for it. Why? Wishing takes you out of the present moment and away from the joy you crave. Find out why you should practice gratitude instead.

Myths and Facts of Dissociative Disorder
(Good Life with Coaching & Learning) – What one culture defines as a gift, another may label it a disorder. Discover the what dissociative disorder is and decide for yourself.