It’s Tuesday. Do you know where your head is?

It can be so easy to go from worried to overwhelmed. Maybe it all started with a harmless misunderstanding, an unintentional wrongdoing, an emotional outburst built up from stress and bad coping tools. Whatever it is, it’s left you raw, dried up and vulnerable. That’s it. You have nothing left to give.

It’s okay. Maybe it’s just a sign you need to stop doing what you’re doing and tune back into yourself. Maybe it’s an opportunity to do some self-forgiving. Maybe this is your moment to realize that you’re not supposed to be perfect, that just because you’re not “normal” like you’re neighbor, your FB “friend” or your co-worker, it’s okay. Because truthfully, no one’s really normal anyway. And the best ones are far from it.

This week our posts will help remind you of that. You’ll remember that it’s okay if you don’t always get it right, that life often gives us second chances. And that the most important thing is to be aware of what you’re feeling, what’s not working and then quickly turn it around.  Plus, you’ll learn fun ways to get your kids to keep reading over the summer and discover why your communication may need some tuning up.

11 Signs You Need to Change How You Communicate
(Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood) – Miscommunication can quickly spiral into an emotional outburst if not done the right way. How do you know if you’re the one that needs to sharpen your communication skills? Read these 11 signs to find out now.

Living With Bipolar: Emoticons Flowchart
(Mental Health Humor) – Most of the time we’re reactive beings. We get hurt, sad, upset, angry, happy, afraid, but never spend a moment really experiencing or understanding what we’re going through and why we’re going through it. In Chato B.’s post this week, he’s asking all of us to pause and figure it out.

10 Tips to Get Your Kids to Read
(Parenting Tips) – Don’t let your kids lose out on all the learning they’ve done over the school year! Read these important tips to make sure the learning continues even through summer.

Caleb Followill, Lily Aldridge Welcome Baby Girl Dixie Pearl
(Celebrity Psychings) – Here’s evidence that your life can always change for the better. Kings of Leon lead singer and rhythm guitarist Caleb Followill who was struggling with alcohol only last year welcomes positive change in 2012. Read more about it in this post.

When The Going Gets Tough, The ADHDer Gets Distracted
(ADHD Man of Distraction) – It’s not easy having an overwhelming to-do list and ADHD. Sometimes you get through it. Sometimes you don’t. As Kelly shows us, it’s all in a day-in-the-life of a real person with ADHD.