It has been said that some of the strongest individuals are the ones that have experienced tragedy, trauma or have struggled with physical or mental illness. And I can understand why.

Maybe you haven’t had it easy. But for that reason alone, you’ve had to build resilience, courage and persistence to find a way to bring hope, love and happiness into your life.

Not everyone has that type of determination. Not everyone has that kind of strength.

But while you spend your days working and striving to be better, it’s easy to feel discouraged. Sometimes it only takes talking with others or seeing a friend’s Facebook page to make you wish your life was easier.

When you spend time with your eyes forward, looking ahead at all the people who have more than you, you may forget to look back. Yes you have a long way to go. Yes, your life may not be as simple as your neighbor’s, but along the way in your own individual journeys, don’t forget to acknowledge and celebrate how far you’ve come.

This week you may even find your own gift(s) in difficulty. You will share a sense of community with those who have faced the same issues as you. You may discover tools to maneuver your life better. The good news is that you’re definitely not alone in your journey. In each of these posts there are threads of hope, and together we weave the most beautiful quilt, don’t we?

Mental Health Hero Lee Horbachewski Says, “You are not alone. You are loved.”
(Mental Health Humor) – Author Lee Horbachewski spreads hope via her awareness campaign, her memoir and the story of how she got through the dark moments in her life. Learn more about Chato B.’s latest mental health hero here.

Just Because You Feel Something, Doesn’t Make it So!
(Anxiety & OCD Exposed) – Do you have a right to be angry? According to Dr. Laura Smith, not always. Learn why it won’t serve you or anyone else if you indulge freely in your negative emotions.

How to Discover Work You Love
(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – Everyone has a right to be happy. And despite what you may think, everyone can find work that they are passionate about even in this economy. Get the tools you need to incorporate more joy, purpose and pleasure in your every day by discovering work that your good at and you love.

Bipolar Type II and the Role of Tenacity
(To the Edge & Back) – Having bipolar type II disorder makes life a little harder. But here are the two strengths that can help you overcome the lowest of lows and persist, prevail and progress despite feeling like a failure. This is written for those with bipolar disorder, but can benefit anyone who is going through a tough time.

ADHD: True Confession – Here It Is
(ADHD from A to Zoë) – I can’t say much about this post unless I reveal Zoë’s confession. What I can say is that just like her commenters, you may relate with and understand this surprising gift of ADHD.