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Best of Our Blogs: June 21, 2019

It’s been 9 years since I started working here. That’s why it’s with a heavy heart that I write this post.

After months of going back and forth, I finally decided to move on from my work at Psych Central, at least for now.

It’s been an amazing ride. I’ve spent most of my early writing years here. Founder John M. Grohol, Psy.D. is one of the best people I’ve ever worked with. I’m so grateful he took a chance on me when I first started. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was eager to write about mental health. It’s been a journey of self-growth.

I’ve learned so much from the bloggers here. Every post I read gave me hope, courage and validation that I too was not alone. Readers also reminded me that even if our individual experiences and upbringing are different, we all struggle and want to belong.

I’ve gained so much confidence in these years. I’m in many ways a different person than when I started. Writing biweekly for almost a decade has forced me out of my comfort zone. While I used to be afraid of people reading my posts, it’s pushed me to continue to create despite fear and uncertainty. Reading about mental illness on personal and professional levels has also been healing and informative. I got to read your stories weekly and got paid to do that while being a wife, mother and living in my hometown of Hawaii. In a lot of ways, it’s been a dream job.

I’ll be here for another week with my last official day on June 27th. I could have stayed here forever. But something in me said it was time to leave. My kids are growing more active by the minute and finding time to work has been increasingly challenging.

I’m saying goodbye early. Thank you again Psych Central staff and readers! I’m so grateful to you for giving me this platform to express myself and share my personal stories through these years as I raised my two children. I’ll be seeing you around the blog.

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Best of Our Blogs: June 21, 2019

Brandi-Ann Uyemura, M.A.

Brandi-Ann Uyemura is a freelance writer specializing in self-help, spirituality, psychology and small business articles. She has a BA in English from University of Oregon and a MA in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University. She writes for various companies and publications and teaches stress management workshops. For more information, see her website

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