The fear of the unknown can strike us when we’re vulnerable. Like a relentless enemy, it can rob us of joy and prevent us from having the life we desire. Sometimes it comes in waves, when we’re worried about our health, our relationships or feel down about ourselves.

Although the best way to deal with the fear of the unknown is to walk right through it, you may not be ready to do it. Maybe you’re still getting over the emotional turmoil brought on by Father’s Day or you’re feeling particularly stressed or sensitive right now. Perhaps you can’t imagine taking the steps necessary to overcome your fears or dismantle your current problems. It all seems too emotionally overwhelming and exhausting to even contemplate.

I hear you. Sometimes all we can do is be in the moment.

In the meantime, this week our posts will bring you hope. It will teach you that it is possible to heal despite a negative childhood experience or limited finances. It will offer you free support, information and a positive outlook whether you’re feeling stressed, are emotionally sensitive, or feel overwhelmed with your career or personal life. Instead of worrying about what you can’t control, anticipating a negative outcome or obsessing about all the things you have to do, think of it as a free pass to just be in this moment.

Celebrating Father’s Day – Father’s Role In Nurturing Children’s Emotional Safety
(Neuroscience & Relationships) – We sometimes downplay the influence fathers have on children. Yet their role is invaluable. This post details all the ways dads have an impact with hope for those who have challenging relationships with their fathers-either because they were emotionally or physically unavailable in their life.

Affordable Therapy: A Walk In The Woods
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Gifts of Being Emotionally Sensitive
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – If you’re emotionally sensitive, then you’re well aware of the negative attributes that come with the territory (easily hurt, difficult dealing with emotions, etc.). What you may not realize is all the positive gifts that also come with being who you are. Learn what they are here.

Download Free Private Practice Toolbox Mobile App
(Private Practice Toolbox) – Want free articles and professional support through the convenience of your mobile device? Go here to get instructions on how you can install the Private Practice Toolbox app.

Partners with Personality Disorders: Crazy-Making?
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