What is our infatuation with mindfulness these days? Has it become a buzz word and an enigma simply because we’ve allowed ourselves to get too busy?

I doubt our ancestors needed to schedule time to sit and think about nothing or to be present when they were foraging food. It was a natural instinct, one that didn’t require shifting priorities or rescheduling their lives. It was just breathing and living life.

So what happened to us? Why do we need CDs and programs to return us back to that state of mind? More importantly, how far have you gone from your own sense of moment-to-moment living? And can being more mindful be the key to living a better life?

You made these your most popular posts of the week. And they all tie in with being conscious and mindful. What’s the connection? Maybe there is an inherent desire in us to notice the little moments in our lives, to temporarily forget about the external chaos that demands our attention and refocus our energies on what’s really important-the flowers blooming in front of us, our children growing up, our inner selves craving positive change and transformation. These posts will help you get there. Have a great week!

10 Steps to Infuse Your Goals (Brain) With Momentum-Inspiring Passion
(Neuroscience & Relationships) – You can live a safe life driven by what others want and expect for you or you can dive outside of what feels comfortable in order to achieve a life chosen and created by you. Which one will you choose? If you’re opting for the latter, you’ll want to print out this post. In it, you’ll discover the tools you’ll need to make conscious choices in order to live your dream life.

Living Mindfulness And Seeing The Little Things In Life
(The Therapist Within) – We miss out on the magic of living when we get too wrapped up in meetings, conflicts, external problems that we have no control over. This post will wake you up if you’ve been too busy to notice the world blooming around you.

Are We Addicted to Our Phones? A Mindful Check-In
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – If you ever caught yourself searching for your phone whenever you hear a ring, a beep, or a vibration or find yourself obsessively checking it, you should read this. How many of us are guilty of giving too much attention to technology and not enough to ourselves or our loved ones? For all those texting and driving, this post could even save your life.

Anxiety Has No Common Sense
(Mentoring & Recovery) – Feeling overwhelmed lately? Don’t make that life-changing decision just yet. In this post, Shannon beautifully explains why doing so when you’re coping with depression or anxiety is one of the worst things you can do. Read this to discover an alternate route.

Mindfulness of The Thoughts Attached to Your Mood
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – Interestingly what you feel in a single moment may have nothing to do with an event, a circumstance or a situation you’re going through. As this post explains, the glasses you put on in at any given time can significantly color your world and your mood. Learn how to shift your perspective here.