There’s a side of us that we want to keep from the rest of the world. We put our best face forward while hiding the parts of ourselves we deem too unlovable to reveal to outsiders. Sometimes we do it out of fear of being rejected and other times we do it out of habit. For example, can you count the number of times today when someone asked how you were doing and you automatically answered “fine” even when you didn’t feel that way?

Maybe it’s our society that values doing so or maybe we don’t believe that others can hold our own truth. We all have hidden our true selves at one time or another, yet I can’t help but wonder at what expense?

Being honest about who you are and what situation you are in good or bad, may have a positive effect on others as well as yourself. Feeling safe to share your not-so-charming secrets to someone you trust could help raise your self-esteem, give you a more accurate sense of self, minimize your fears and improve your relationship with the other person. Think about that the next time someone asks you, “How are you feeling?”

Then, read our top 5 posts this week, which are all about compassion, lying and our sense of self.

God in Therapy: Humility, Belief, and Control

(Therapy Soup) – How do you handle stress in your life? If you answered, “not too well,” then you might need help in improving your sense of self. Therapy Soup identifies the signs of someone with a healthy sense of self and also three key factors from various religions to help get you there.

Why We Lie to our Therapists

(Therapy Unplugged) – A honest and revealing post that inspired a heated discussion on our Facebook page this week. Have you ever lied to your therapist and if so, why did you do it? Explore your own reasons and feel comforted and validated in reading this blogger’s reason for once lying to her therapist.

God-Training with BugZooka

(360 of Mindful Living) – How far would you go to exercise compassion for all living things? Would you attempt to save a bug from drowning in your sink or use a BugZooka to set an insect free? A timely post and an eye-opening look at compassion-training in an enlightening and entertaining read.

Radio Shows and Dog Anxiety

(Anxiety & OCD Exposed) – This time the topic of anxiety goes to the dogs. You dog lovers will read this post and nod your head in understanding. See how two anxiety professionals try to balance radio shows on anxiety and their anxious dogs.

Money Impedes Our Ability to Enjoy the Little Pleasure in Life

(World of Psychology) – Can money buy you happiness or are the best things in life free? This post describes a recent study that found that having money or even thinking about money actually prevents us from savoring life’s small pleasures. Guess a piece of chocolate won’t be the same after one becomes wealthy and I don’t know about you, but I’d happily take chocolate over that.