How many times have you looked into the mirror and really saw yourself? Not your wrinkles, your too big/skinny ____ (legs, arms, stomach), the rolls under your eyes or over your thighs?

When was the last time you saw past your external flaws and zoomed in on you? If you’re like me, not lately. Lately, I find wrinkles and white hair and forget about the kid who saw wonder at that reflection and thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was — me.

As we age, we lose sight of that person in the mirror. We begin to grow feelers for what’s not working in our lives, what we need to fix, what we would like to wipe away with an eraser or delete. But just like a picture, we can focus on the blurred background, the oddly colored object, or we can see the totality of the image and be in awe of that.

This week we have a mishmash of posts that will pull you out of your own distorted thinking. Instead of getting stuck in that groove of dieting and addiction, there is another way. Learn how to look past that flawed reflection and find hope, happiness and self-growth by accepting the whole of who you are in our top posts.

The Surprising Differences Between Dieting & Not Dieting
(Weightless) – As summer approaches, you may be tempted to hop on the diet wagon again. But this year, instead of shaming and punishing your body, consider the freedom and pleasure of attuned eating.

How Long Is ‘Long-Term’ Drug Rehab?
(Addiction Recovery) – What is the most effective option for addiction treatment? Surprisingly, not the 30 days of residential treatment we commonly hear about. Find out why longer is better.

When Even a Little is Too Much: How to Block Online Porn and Sexual Content
(Sex & Intimacy in the Digital Age) – The accessibility of technology makes life easier, but also harder for those deal with sexual addiction. Read up on the latest software programs that could help you or those you love from destructive online activities.

The Forensics of Relationships: Emotional Crime Scenes #6
(Angst in Anxiety) – To understand where trauma comes from, you need to zoom into your relationships. This post analyzes how various stages of development can have a profound impact on our lives.

Believe In Yourself
(Therapy Soup) – Believing in yourself and reaching your personal best are wise words to not just be externally successful, but is the key to happiness itself. Learn the roots of peer counseling and 12-step programs and you’ll find your own source for faith, growth and connection to help with addiction and mental illness.