Don’t you love moments when you can say to yourself, “I worried for nothing”?

When casual worrying turns into anxiety and anxiety teeter-totters into obsession or paranoia, I look forward to the time when I can look back on it and think: “All that worrying for nothing.”

But it’s not just me. I notice this same experience with friends and acquaintances. Yet no matter how challenging the obstacle, regardless of how monstrous the problem, I always seem to find a way out of it. 

But what do you do if what you’re currently dealing with feels intolerable? How do you handle the vulnerability, the fear that things won’t work out the way you hoped or planned?

Take a look at our posts this week. Our top post identifies the signs to alert you if your worst relationship fear has come true – your partner emotionally cheats on you. You’ll also learn ways to manage your emotions, tolerate chaos and empty your mind. Start off your 4th of July in a less explosive situation and more tolerable one by reading these posts.

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