I attended a talk today by The Descendants author Kaui Hart Hemmings. She inspired us with information on the things everyone wanted to know, like what it’s really like to work with George Clooney. But she also talked about the process of writing. She said like anything else, writing takes practice, work and self-discipline. It’s just another thing that those who don’t write take for granted. And the same could be said about your mental health.

Every morning you wake up alive, well and breathing. We’re given a fresh start to change things, an opportunity for a new beginning. But most of us don’t see it that way. We fill our days up with the things we still need to do, the chores, the errands the unyielding to-do list. And then we wonder why we’re so unhappy.

If that sounds like you, maybe this week’s posts will remind you that your health and happiness are worth investing in. Maybe it will convince you to step outside your comfort zone, to venture into the unknown, to take care of your mental health, and to finally learn about social collaboration so you can TCOB or take care of business. Just scroll down to get started!

Creative? Introverted? Then You’re Probably Not Seen As A Leader
(The Creative Mind) – Do we truly love creativity? Or are we afraid of it? This enlightening post reveals how we’re holding ourselves back from generating creative ideas and creative leaders.

How To Take A Guilt-Free, Successful Mental Health Day
(Your Body, Your Mind) – Yes you can give yourself a mental health day. You deserve it. Want some tips? Click on over to learn healthy ways to take care your mental health.

The UP-side of Bipolar Disorder
(Bipolar Trek) – While it is a serious illness, some find value in having bipolar disorders. But this post isn’t about romanticizing mental illness. What it is about is recognizing some of the positive aspects so we can better understand bipolar and what makes some wary about treatment.

Crystal Methamphetamine: The Other Sexual Addiction
(Sex & Intimacy in the Digital Age) – Cross and co-occuring addictions can make treatment seem impossible if not addressed. This is commonly the case with sex addicts who struggle with addictive substances or behaviors. In this in-depth post, you’ll read about the role crystal meth has in worsening symptoms, behaviors and treatment outcomes of someone with a sexual addiction.

What The Heck Is Social Collaboration?
(Private Practice Toolbox) – As anyone in social media knows, online networks are primarily about connecting and collaborating with other people. If you haven’t heard of it yet, social collaboration is the newest way you can engage with other professionals and connect with your followers. Go here for more info.