Appearances are powerful. We read about a blogger we adore, for example, and believe that their spotless windows are always that way. We catch a friend’s Facebook update and their happy news could linger in our minds even as time fades. We watch movies and TV shows and get caught up in the lives of other people and in their perfect light, our life seems less than.

This idea of perfection clouds our reality. It’s what makes living and happiness harder. We think that because our lives are not fairy tale perfect, we’re not worthy or we’re not doing something right. When in reality, all mirrors are slightly cracked. We just don’t have the perspective that others do to see it.

Instead of striving for a postcard perfect life, our top posts this week teach us there is beauty in being able to accept your own reality. And if we refuse to buy into perfection, we may discover something even better — a path toward loving all the wrinkles and cracks in our lives.

Learn the truth about how to have a successful relationship, understand the importance of the valleys in your life, and get survival tips for coping with a traumatic event. All great posts to read whether you’re on vacation at the beach or in dire need of a summer break.

Mindfulness is Not a Cure; It’s Better
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Learning to be more mindful isn’t a cure for daily frustration, anxiety or unhappiness. While it does temporarily heal what ails us, it is not magic. And as you’ll discover, it’s far better to learn to accept the ups and downs in life than to make them disappear.

8 Insights to Keep Love Alive in Intimate Relationships
(Parenting Tips) – Need help with your current relationship? Whether you’re fine tuning your relationship with a partner, a close friend or a parent, you’ll learn the tools you need to stop waiting for things to get better, and start doing something now.

Famous People and the Horses They Love — William Shatner
(Equine Therapy) – Who knew that Hollywood’s beloved Captain Kirk would be such a hero in the world of horses? Find out more about his passion for them and his charity here.

The Denver Movie Shooting: A Dark Catastrophe
(Healing Together for Couples) – The Denver shooting spawns a relevant discussion on the need for support, information and meaning in the aftermath of traumatic events. A must-read guide for anyone coping with a difficult time.

Don’t Know What to Do? Try Kindness!
(Partners in Wellness) – In easy way to turn your mood around? This blogger says, “Try kindness.” It works.