We tend to see life as either black or white. We dichotomize our days into categories because putting situations into two boxes, right or wrong, good or bad, true or false feels easier the way it did when we were kids. Two choices. Yes or no. Do it or don’t.

But continuing to see life as two paths not only makes the journey harder, it can make it debilitating. Because who wants to make the wrong decision when there are only two choices to make?

If you’ve ever put your life on hold out of fear, you’ll get lots from this week’s posts. You’ll discover a way to forgo fear and its opposing brother, boredom, and cultivate more meaning in your life. You’ll also learn a new way of perceiving food and your emotions. There is no good and bad emotion. There is no good or bad food. it is only what it is. A lot of times it’s the fear, judgement and shame that we place on them that makes deciding so hard.

How do we know whether we’re attributing objective situations in an unfair subjective way? How can we navigate our lives with less fear, more meaning and awareness? As these posts will teach you, it’s all about being mindful of what we’re really feeling and then taking positive steps in response.

Have a great weekend! 

How to Train Your Brain Toward a Meaningful Life
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Feel like your life lacks meaning? Bring meaning back by doing a simple exercise described here to help you create more meaningful moments.

Eating Healthy for Emotional Health
(Life Happens) – You may not turn into a mushroom if you eat one, but what you eat does have a surprising effect on how you feel. Discover the connection between food, your mood, and emotional wellness.

How To Name & Explore Your Emotions
(Weightless) – For some, it’s not just expressing emotions that’s hard, it’s recognizing them. But being able to connect with what we’re feeling in any moment is freeing and can provide much insight in how we’re living our lives. If you need help in this area, this post has ample activities to help you reconnect.

Are We Overreacting To Bullying?
(Beating the Bully) – Are we over focused on bullying so much so that we’re not teaching our children how to stand up for themselves? Is normal conflict being incorrectly labeled as bullying? Read one blogger’s point-of-view on this hot topic.

Why Men Don’t Ask for Directions
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – Is the difference between men and women’s sense of direction genetic? What is the real reason why men never ask for directions and women report feeling more anxious about getting lost? And what does this all have to do with being emotionally sensitive? Guess you’ll have to go here to find out.