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Best of Our Blogs: July 19, 2013

True happiness is that wonderful feeling of being content with everything in your life as it is now. We all want it, but for many of us it seems like a rare and fleeting thing. Life is complicated and it seems that most of the time, things do not work out the way we believe they should. And in an attempt to protect ourselves from hurt and disappointment, it is easy to start believing that happiness is not meant for us. Of course, this only adds to our unhappiness. But when we learn to embrace what we like about ourselves, creating our own happiness is possible. Today’s selected blogs look at ways you can experience happiness.

Best of Our Blogs: July 19, 2013

Self-Critical Thinking and Concentration
(Anger Management) – A lot of our unhappiness comes from negative thinking. In our efforst to push negative thoughts away, we end up wallowing in them. By just accepting the thought without judgment, we can let it go.

Owning Our Good Feelings about Single Life
(Single at Heart) – Sometimes others try to tell us whether we are truly happy. For example, not everybody would be happy in a romantic relationship or marriage. But many people find it hard to believe that someone — particularly a woman — can be happy without a partner. This blogger challenges a stranger’s assumption about her happiness.

Keep It Simple … and Loving
(Couples in Recovery) – A healthy romantic relationship takes a lot of work, but love makes people happy. Any problems that arise can put a lot of strain on even the most loving relationship. This blog focuses on couples dealing with recovery, a very sensitive issue that can easily destroy a relationship. This blog discusses simple ways couples can begin to heal together.

Staycation Time! Create Your Own Spa Day at Home
(Celebrity Psychings) – What better place to be happy than at home! Taking a break from the routine of life is a good way to find happiness. This blog looks at ways you can create a staycation so you can relax and rejuvenate without the stress and expense of travel.

The First Step Towards Happiness
(The Psychology of Success in Business) – Many times we feel like others cause us to be unhappy, but it ultimately comes back to us. We can create our own happiness through a conscious decision to take control of our lives. This blogger gives us three major pointers on how we can do that.

Best of Our Blogs: July 19, 2013

Kristie Hayes

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