I used to wonder about the people who lived for vacations all the while wasting their life away until I did the same. Day-to-day life seemed to pale in comparison to the adventure and moment-to-moment living characteristic of a trip across the country or abroad. I began daydreaming about my next trip while still on the one I was on. And in doing so, I let life pass me by.

It’s the same thing we do when we’re thinking about a better job, wishing for a new relationship, a “better” body or occupying our precious time with tech toys. It seems to make the moments go by faster. It feels like the suitable remedy to wave off the doldrums, but what we’re really doing is wishing the current moment away.

More importantly, I’ve learned that there is a way to thoroughly enjoy your life, to actually savor it, by just being in the present moment. Activities we dread like doing the dishes, paying the bills, going to the market or even waiting at the doctor’s office doesn’t have to feel so boring and tedious. Surprisingly, experiencing each moment can feel as relaxing and invigorating as being on vacation.

Don’t believe me?

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