This may be a difficult time of year for some. You may be getting over the holiday hangover, grappling with the guilt from unmet resolutions, dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder and feeling anxious about the upcoming February holiday.

There’s that and all the other things you’re dealing with — managing your emotions, getting unstuck, deciding whether to stick through your relationship or end it and learning how to accept yourself and your body. That’s a lot of stuff to deal with.

The good news is that you don’t have to solve every single problem today. The good news is that everyone is a work-in-progress and we have time to work through it. A therapist once said, “If the only thing you ever do in your life is to learn how to cope with all the things you’ve been through that will be enough.”

I hope to pass that same message on to you. Each one of the posts below will help ease you into a different issue of your life. It may not miraculously change things, but if you read it and lean into it slightly, that will be enough.

Coping With A Stressful Situation: Managing Your Emotions

(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – When you feel hurt or threatened, it’s natural to want to react. But immediately responding to how you feel in the moment will only make matters worse. Instead, learn how you can address your feelings and effectively manage your emotions.

Increase Your Well-Being by “Getting in the Zone”

(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – There are few moments that feel as good as those that involve being in the zone. If you have ever lost track of time because you were consumed in an activity, then you have experienced this sense of flow or being in the zone. But if you haven’t been there for awhile, read this. You’ll learn how to re-energize your spirits and increase your well-being by creating the right conditions to change your life.

Should I End My Relationship? Important Considerations

(Healing Together for Couples) – Wondering if it’s time to end your relationship? This is a must-read for individuals contemplating a breakup or divorce.

5 Amazing Facts About Our Bodies

(Weightless) – How many times a day do you spend thinking about all the ways your body is providing a disservice to you? I bet a lot more time than you spend thinking about the ways it’s working. This post provides a wonderful perspective on the reasons why our bodies deserve appreciation for all that they do.

The ADHD Person Behind The Mask

(ADHD Man of Distraction) – We wear different masks throughout the day when interacting with different people (your co-workers, your doctor, your employer, e.g.). But do you have people in your life who you can trust to be yourself? It’s a great reminder, whether or not you have ADHD, to take the risk and let those you love behind your mask.