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Best of Our Blogs: January 27, 2015

There are many situations when darkness seems to win over hope. It’s the time when you’re tired from doing too much. It’s the moment when you feel defeated, rejected and isolated. It’s when you feel least like trying and most like giving up.

But I’ve found that during those dark moments, there is always, always, hope. It could come from a friend who calls out of nowhere, or from a blog post. It could come while taking a walk, watching a funny youtube video or reading an email with just the thing you needed most. It could come from a song, a single realization that you matter, and a reminder of how much you are loved.

Recently, I heard singer Natasha Bedingfield sing these lyrics:

“Remember morning always comes
As night surrenders to the sun
No matter how dark it may become
Don’t stop your light from shining on
‘Cause nothing’s ever over till you say it’s over
And nothing’s ever finished
Not unless you walk away
You see I’ve got hope.”

It was written in collaboration with Bedingfield and Philosophy to bring awareness to women’s mental health and it’s beautiful. Listen to the song below, read our posts this week and feel the hope:

Borderline Personality Disorder: Open Letter to Emergency Department and Hospital Based Staff
(Being Borderline) – This post accurately and compassionately depicts how those diagnosed with BPD are often treated in psychiatric settings. It brings much-needed awareness and attention to help patients get the safest, most supportive and effective care possible.

Creative People, Mental Health, Misdiagnosis
(The Creative Mind) – Creativity can be confused with “crazy” as gifts can be incorrectly labeled as a diagnosis. Read the multitude of ways highly talented, bright and independent thinking people have been erroneously deemed disordered.

Big Boys Don’t Cry: The Emotionally Neglected Man
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – Are you uncomfortable with other people’s emotions? Do people often say you’re reliable and giving, but do you feel numb, isolated and out of touch with your emotions? You might be suffering from consequences of childhood emotional neglect. Here’s what you need to do.

Take the 12 Steps and Sit Down
(360° of Mindful Living) – Find out why Dr. Somov believes the 1st of the 12 Steps of the AA/NA philosophy “is nothing more than a failure to appreciate the psychology of a craving.” Read his reinterpretation of 3 of the steps that can help you feel empowered in recovery instead of powerless.

Understanding Trichotillomania
(Mental Health Awareness) – Have you experienced any of the following: constantly pulling out hair, pleasure or relief when pulling out hair, or noticeable hair loss due to pulling one’s hair? You could be suffering from trichotillomania. Read this post to find out information, resources and treatment.

Best of Our Blogs: January 27, 2015

Brandi-Ann Uyemura, M.A.

Brandi-Ann Uyemura is a freelance writer specializing in self-help, spirituality, psychology and small business articles. She has a BA in English from University of Oregon and a MA in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University. She writes for various companies and publications and teaches stress management workshops. For more information, see her website

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