It’s dark and gloomy outside. But I know that the weather, like the colors of a rainbow, is just one layer affecting the spectrum of my moods. I know that what I’m feeling on the inside about myself can take precedence over what others think of me. And I know that the situation I’m in matters less than my perspective of it. I’m aware that it’s not always what I’m going through, for good events (getting married) can be as stressful as bad ones (losing a job). And mini moments (hearing the sound of birds) can be as life changing as grand ones (watching the birth of a baby). On most days, I’m conscious of these things.

I know this because I once was stuck in traffic and surprised by a surge of gratitude. I know this because being witness to a falling star seemed as beautiful to me as climbing a mountaintop. I’ve seen this time and time again when I realized that my external life was showing me through relationships, events, etc. what was really going on inside my mind. And I’ve been amazed by how a mere moment can change everything.

Our posts this week beautifully capture this. You’ll read about how being emotionally sensitive and experiencing stress, and how anxiety, ADHD and significant moments of mindfulness can impact your perception on life. It’s a great way to end the week, whether you’ve got a stunning sunny view out your window or a cloudy one like mine.

Regulating Your Stress When It Is ‘Over The Top’

(Healing Together for Couples) – A little stress is a good thing. The key is to learn the right skills to manage it. Taking a personal stress audit can help. This post shows you how to create your own.

You Might Be an Emotionally Sensitive Person If…

(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – Being emotionally sensitive isn’t just about feeling hurt easily or being emotionally affected in movies or at weddings. Surprisingly, things like loving animals, being creative and finding comfort in nature can all be indicators that you are an emotionally sensitive person. See if you fit these common characteristics.

Feeling Upset? Check for Distorted Thinking

(Anxiety & OCD Exposed) – Did you ever feel bad about yourself, but didn’t know why? It could be a thought you had just a minute ago. What you think can affect the way you feel. Find out how here.

Living In The Small Moments – Mindfulness And Everyday Miracles

(The Therapist Within) – Life can feel stagnant and monotonous. But if you want to return a life of meaning and purpose, you can easily do so by noticing and really seeing the world going on around you. This may inspire you to do just that.

What Is Your ADHD Age

(ADHD Man of Distraction) – What age are you really? There’s your chronological age, your physical age, and yes, even your ADHD age. Whether or not you have ADHD, however, you’re sure to enjoy this post.