Most of wouldn’t give it to our worst enemies. But pain, heartache, and suffering aren’t gifts anyone wants to keep either.

Can there be another option?

Did you get to hear Thich Nhat Hanh speak in Sound True’s Mindfulness & Meditation summit? I was moved by his talk entitled Transforming the Suffering of the World with Mindfulness and Compassion. He spoke about how all suffering and pain can be used as an opportunity to cultivate compassion. If we are angry at someone’s insensitivity or offense, we can put ourselves in their situation and understand their perspective. Empathy and compassion quells the inner fire of anger. Furthermore as Celie says in The Color Purple, “Everything you done to me is already done to you.”

Whether you’re looking to learn about how to be a better parent, live your best life or deal with a narcissist, you’re going to need compassion for yourself, your children and even the people you despise most.

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