You can come out from your hiding place. Valentine’s Day is officially over! Yes, a surprising amount of our Facebook friends said they hated the holiday. Some found it to be too commercial. Others found it to be lonely for singles. There were also many who thought it was a good excuse to celebrate love.

In general, while everyone had their own reasons for loving or hating the holiday, I thought it was a great discussion about love and an opportunity to reflect on the four letter word itself.

Our bloggers were no exception. Everyone had their own take on love. One blogger talked about how Valentine’s Day can bring up unexpected pain and sorrow in our lives. Another discussed the various stages of a romantic relationship (a perfect post for couples). A third mentioned the importance of forgiveness and opening one’s heart.

It made me rethink Valentine’s Day as a day (whether you celebrate it or not) to remember the importance of love.

Love comes in all forms. It could be love for your pet, your partner, your friend, your grandmother, your religion. And most importantly, it can come from within. I hope that whatever you did yesterday, you did it with love.

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