There are some questions I may never have answers to. Like what my upstairs neighbors are doing that makes me feel like I’m living under an elephant stampede or why all my relatives seem to pass away right before the holidays. Or why we push ourselves ever year, spending more money and energy than we can afford searching for the perfect gift and sacrificing our emotional health just to create an unachievable greeting card holiday. Then out of resentment, we end up honking our horns, pushing people out of our way and being snippy to the very people we’re trying so hard to please.

It boggles my mind. But maybe it’s just me? I’ve been known to wake up in the middle of the night with a perplexing question since I was nine years old.

If you’ve got questions that need answers too, join us tomorrow (Wednesday, December 21st) from 5:30 – 6:30 pm MST for our Live Ask the Therapist Facebook event. It will be our last one of 2011 so save the date to get those burning questions answered on coping with family during the holidays, seasonal affective disorder or anything else related to mental health. To get more information and our official invite, go here. How do you participate? Join our closed group now where the event will be held and tomorrow just post your question in the update. See you then!

As for our top posts this week? Well they’re also helping to answer a few questions like how to give a gift that lasts a lifetime, but doesn’t cost a thing as well as how to deal with grief. It’s another wrap up of posts that will help you get through the rest of your week.

ADHD Dating Website Profiles or How I Met Your Mother

(ADHD Man of Distraction) – Curious to know what an ADHD dating profile would look like? ADHDer Kelly Babcock’s compiled an imaginary profile filled with potential indicators.

Where Do You Keep Your Un-Cried Tears? Learning To Live With Grief

(The Therapist Within) – Grief is probably something you’d rather avoid than experience right? During the holidays, there is even more reason to abandon your grief. But this post made me reconsider. If you read it and challenge yourself to walk through your grief, you may discover an unexpected path toward healing.

How to Start Focusing on What’s Positive About Your Partner

(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – I’m guilty of doing it. And I doubt I’m the only one. How many times do you take your partner for granted and find yourself honing on their negative versus their positive traits? This may be the wake up call you need to start changing yourself and consequently your relationship for the better.

Sex, Shame and Addiction: Who Turned on the Red Light?

(Sex & Intimacy in the Digital Age) – It’s not the TV, books or even movies that are to blame for the increase in sex addiction and intimacy problems. It’s your internet. Read why the internet is responsible for providing a quick, short-term fix, but with negative consequences and why all this attention on sex addiction is actually a good thing.

Gifts That Don’t Cost Money

(Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood) – While you’re running around like a chicken without its head trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, take a breather and read this. These gifts will last a lot longer than any toy for kids and grown-ups and doesn’t require you to run up your credit card to give them.