Compassion. Positivity. Self-acceptance. This laundry list of feel-good terms are what most of us strive to attain. Yet, we’re inundated with rude drivers, unflattering mirrors and critical co-workers on a daily basis. How do we incorporate more joy, happiness and positivity in our lives when we feel depleted ourselves?

It’s all about investing small chunks of time in your day to pause, to breathe, to wake up from the daily fog you’ve grown accustomed to. Instead of resorting to automatic pilot, welcome back awareness into your life.

Be cognizant of the lady checking out your groceries, the post man, even the inner part of your self that you’ve been neglecting. It may seem to take more energy to do so, especially if you are an introvert at heart. But you’d be surprised to discover how much energy it takes to repress the urge to open up, numb or repress your true self.

Awareness opens the door to positive change. It may not happen overnight. But as these posts show, practice and insight makes all the difference.

Read on and you’ll learn how to be more compassionate and solve problems in your sleep, why you’re a sucker for bad relationships and why perfectionism is bad for your emotional health. As a reward for all that work, we’re ending with a post that will re-energize your mind, body and spirit.

Neuroscience and Compassion Training Predict a Better World
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Learning to be more compassionate isn’t just good for others, find out why it’s good for you too. Bonus: Scroll down to the end of the post to get a free 5-minute meditation exercise in compassion.

What Attracts Us to Bad Relationships?
(Relationships in Balance) – You may know someone (and that person may be you) who keeps getting involved with the wrong guy/gal. It’s not mere coincidence, a shot of bad luck or even signs of a masochist. If you want to help them see the light, this post offers insight into why they can’t break their chain of unhealthy relationships.

Lucid Dreaming for Creative Problem Solving
(The Creative Mind) – Can you really dream away your problems and wake up with a solution? According to the writers in this post, you can.

Perfectionism is a Disease
(The Gentle Self) – One way to set yourself up for failure and disappointment? Attempt perfectionism. If you’re a perfectionist-in-training, read this and you’ll discover all the ways perfectionism can lead you on a road to pain, suffering and emotional turmoil.

15 Ways To Make This Weekend A Body Positive One
(Weightless) – We usually mindlessly spend our weekends doing things that don’t satisfy or soothe our soul. If you’re looking to engage in an activity other than bar hop, shop or watch TV, then you’ll cherish these 15 beautiful ways to do something truly good for your body, mind and spirit.