The line between happiness and sadness, right and wrong, love and hate is a thin one. You can easily teeter from one to the other at any given moment. A friend could blurt out the “wrong” thing, for example, and a comment said in haste could wreak havoc on your relationship. Or you could wake up refreshed and excited about the prospect of a new day and a second later find yourself in anguish over disappointing news.

It’s this type of back and forth, up and down, emotional roller coaster that makes some wary of befriending others or getting too close. It’s both the fear of being hurt and hurting others that causes us to fold inward. Better to stay at a distance. It’s much easier to be hard than soft. Yet, life will hit us with something big anyway. There’s no way of escaping pain, fear or disappointment. The only way is right through it.

If this week’s been rough for you, I hope you find comfort in our posts. You’ll learn what to say to someone who’s grieving (the perfect prescription to give to those who don’t know what to say to you too). You’ll also feel triumphant in reading Beth’s post this week if you’re a parent and especially if you’re a parent who has a child with autism. There’s also a post to help you stay happy and an empowering one that sheds light on rape from the victim’s perspective. Finally, learn why “you are what you wear” may be more fitting than “you are what you eat” in this week’s Weightless post.

It may not be easy to love the moment you’re in or to feel happy when your world is turned upside down. But after reading the posts below, I hope you’ll learn that it’s not the big, over-the-top occasions that can change your life and make you happy. It’s the small ones. Here’s wishing you lots of those this weekend!

What NOT to Say to a Grieving Person
(Bounce Back) – Maybe you know someone who’s grieving right now and don’t know what to say. Perhaps, you’re the one who has lost a loved one recently and would love it if your friends and family said the right thing for once. This is the perfect resource for either situation.

Autism: The Major Joys of Minor Progress
(Adventures of a Bipolar Mom) – It’s not an easy path toward progression when you have a 3-year-old with autism, but as Bipolar Mom blogger Beth shows us, it’s totally worth the uphill battle. Sometimes it’s all about appreciating the small, but happy moments.

Summary of “15 Powerful Things Happy People Do Differently”
(Mentoring & Recovery) – Want more happiness in your life? This wraps up 15 posts on the topic so you can unlock the secrets to your own treasure trove of happiness.

It is Time to Talk About Rape…For the Victims
(Healing Together for Couples) – It’s unfortunate, but most rape victims are re-victimized when having to defend themselves against society, those in authority and jurors. This post provides important information regarding rape and recovery and invites a call-to-action from society, the media and politicians to give survivors the recognition they deserve.

Learn To Love Your Body By Exploring Your Style: Q&A With Sally McGraw
(Weightless) – Maybe it’s not about knowing what to eat or how to exercise that’s responsible for making you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. As this author’s book title indicates, it’s about finding the right clothes to remind you that you’re Already Pretty.