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Best of Our Blogs: August 18, 2015

Treasure Chest1I doubt you would surrender your most private possessions to strangers let alone your closest friends. But every day we give up our power and control to others when we let them decide our fate, worth, or mood.

If you’ve ever let someone’s words quiet your voice, sway your decision or invalidate you, then you’ve temporarily forgotten how powerful you are.

We often wait for loved ones to finally say the “right thing,” heal old wounds, or apologize, but when we do so, we’re putting our most precious gifts in the hands of someone who may not be deserving or trustworthy.

When you’re desperately in search of soothing your soul, the best thing to do is to look within yourself. Say to yourself the thing you most need to hear. Heal your own wounds. Forgive yourself for not always being there as much as you could have.

When we look within for answers, we’re mending what can be fixed and addressing the root of our deepest pain.

Were You Born Under the Gaslight?
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – As a child, you received the message that something was wrong with you. But is it true or were you living in a family that made you feel this way? Read this insightful post on the four ways the gaslight effect could have negatively impacted your life.

How to Stop Yourself Before You Relapse
(The Science of Addiction) – You’re in recovery now, but what can you do to prevent a relapse? Here are five steps you can take to avoid what you most fear-going through detox once again.

Abuse Does Not Require a Diagnosis
(Embracing Balance) – If you’re in an abusive and/or toxic relationship, don’t waste your energy on figuring out what type of personality disorder he or she may or may not have. Nicole explains why abuse does not require a diagnosis.

12 Creative Prompts and Quotes for Connecting to Yourself
(Everyday Creativity) – The more you create, the more you know yourself. Here are a few fun, and creative ways to explore something new about you.

Forgive Yourself
(Being Bipolar) – It’s when you begin to feel better that you start to remember the things you said or did when you were ill. But instead of feeling full of shame, guilt or regret, here’s why it’s important to work on accepting and forgiving yourself.

Best of Our Blogs: August 18, 2015

Brandi-Ann Uyemura, M.A.

Brandi-Ann Uyemura is a freelance writer specializing in self-help, spirituality, psychology and small business articles. She has a BA in English from University of Oregon and a MA in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University. She writes for various companies and publications and teaches stress management workshops. For more information, see her website

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