If you’re sensitive, you might notice the wind on your face, the birds in the distance and the physical sensation of calm as it gently dissolves tension in your neck and weight on your shoulders. You might experience this during meditation, in a yoga class or on vacation. It’s a window into your highest self. Being completely connected to the moment feels more energizing than a breath of fresh air, and it lingers much longer than a retreat or a vacation. But on most days I’m betting you feel stressed, worried and have a strong desire to be done with what you’re doing now so you can move onto the next task.

Recently, I’ve been cognizant of the relationship energy has on our state of mind. When complaining or arguing, the energy feels taut and uncomfortable. But when it’s quiet, you can almost imagine a wave of calm flowing in and out with your breath. It’s a wonderful sensation to experience. It’s a feeling of safety, well-being and the knowledge that everything will be okay.

Whether you’re preparing to face your fear of flying, getting ready to savor your last vacation of summer, or are in the midst of a potentially emotionally threatening situation, there’s a way to carve out peace regardless of what circumstances you’re in. These posts offer the tools to assist you on your journey. Enjoy them and have a great weekend!

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