We can accept that life will be hard, that we will not always get what we want. We can even learn to be okay with the fact that there are certain gifts granted to others that are inaccessible to us. This wisdom develops over time, engendered by strands woven from heartbreak, hurt and the awareness of growing up. It’s an understanding that life is unfair and we are all vulnerable to it. But what many of us can’t imagine is seeing pearls in what pains us.

Is it possible that the very experiences you now seek therapy for actually hold the key to a better life?

On an episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter,” Olympian Greg Louganis said some of his most tragic and difficult experiences, “were the gems of [his] life.” It’s not something that comes instantaneously for many of us. Over time, if we allow ourselves the opportunity and space to heal, we may not just survive the event, but we may discover meaning and our life’s purpose behind it.

This week you’ll discover a similar theme in reading about the purpose uncertainty, disorganization and chaos has in creativity, or in your awareness of how technology is taking over your life. Maybe you’ll learn to accept your messy creative process, become more aware of what you’ve been neglecting since obsessing over your latest tech toys and find ways to improve your relationship with others.

You may not automatically find the jewels in what’s difficult. But here’s hoping these posts will set you on that path.

Creativity and Chaos
(The Creative Mind) – Anyone who’s ever engaged in the creative process knows that it can be chaotic, messy and filled with uncertainty. But is it is an imperative part of the process? Do we need a sense of disorganization in order to flourish creatively? According to this post, it would seem so.

Is it Sadness or Depression? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself
(Sorting Out Your Life) – While you’re in the midst of depression, it’s difficult to see the light. Now is not the time to find the gems in your experience. Now is the time to seek help. Go here to determine whether what you’re going through is a bout of the blues or depression.

Is the Web Driving Us Crazy? A Mindful Response
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Ever think your phone is vibrating, but it’s not? You may be experiencing “phantom-vibration syndrome.” An interesting look at how our culture is inadvertently sacrificing mindfulness, peace and awareness for our ever-present reliance and relationship with technology.

If You Love Someone Who is Emotionally Sensitive
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – Are you finding it difficult to communicate with someone who is emotionally sensitive or are you an emotionally sensitive person who feels hurt in your interaction with others? Read this and you’ll learn the 8 things you can do to improve your relationship.

2 Keys to Happier Relationships & Partnerships
(Partners in Wellness) – Want more love and respect in your life? Start here.