If you’ve ever spent time in the ocean, you know that rough waves can make you temporarily forget the stable ground underneath. Only when it passes and your toes gracefully fall back onto the sand, do you realize that safety, peace and calm were just a few inches away. It’s just another moment of chaos that made you forget.

In The Book of Awakening, author Mark Nepo says:

“Fear of living often comes when we place all our energy into the moment of the wave, into the turbulent moment of our psychology…If revelation is the brief experience of seeing through the surface, into ourselves or others, then wisdom is the recall of that seeing when the waters are murky.”

In a sea of difficulty, you have two choices. You can ride it out while cognizant of the ground below or you can let it overwhelm you, pushing you under, breathless and further away from shore. If you are able to maintain a sense of calm even in moments of fear, uncertainty and stress, you will experience greater positivity, creativity, emotional well-being, and love and acceptance for yourself. These are all topics we’re addressing this week. It’s just a way to motivate you to stay the course, to continue to ride the wave and to remember that whatever you are going through will eventually pass.

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